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Contacts: Ellard Taylor: (207) 460-5332,
Kate Taylor: (207) 701-8111,

Related photography available on request.

– A World of Unique Character and Natural Beauty

North Haven, Maine, USA (Tuesday, February 28, 2012) –,
an ezine publication featuring the Maine island world of unique character and natural
beauty, launches today:

Says Hannah Pingree, North Haven resident and former state representative for many
of Maine's offshore communities, "There are so many amazing people and places off the
coast of Maine and this new site - Maine Island Living - is well positioned to help share
their stories with beautiful photographs and careful details that only someone living on
an island could capture."

Ads co-publisher Ellard Taylor, “Maine islands are stunning and culturally dynamic
places. They are home to and attract some of the world’s most outstanding artists,
fishermen, scientists, gourmets, farmers, writers, business people, educators, and
community volunteers. Such island riches simply beg to be shared."

Launch issue includes the first of an Exploration Inspiration series with artists Eric
Hopkins and Peter Ralston, the Lindbergh’s 1931 flight from North Haven to China,
bringing forage fishes critical to the lobster industry back to an island, island farm to
table health and sustainability, and the exquisite hiking experience in a location Here on
the Island author Charles Pratt describes as “ . . . the most beautiful place in the world.”
Maine Island Living is dedicated to stories with rich island images and galleries.

Publishers Ellard and Kate Taylor live on Maine islands and the sea between. Living on
and visiting Maine islands as well as islands around the world, the Taylors have unique
perspective on why Maine islands are often described as magical - and are close to
people and their stories tucked away in these remarkable communities.

Observes San Francisco Exploratorium’s board chair and part time Isle au Haut resident
George Cogan, “Many families pine away for Maine islands all year long from afar, while
others manage to make a Maine island their primary residence. What my family likes
about is that it brings the best of island life straight into our home,
wherever we are.”



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