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Oysters with Cilantro . . . Rite of Spring

March 19, 2012      Author : Kate Hotchkiss Taylor    Category: Food      0 Comment(s)

I expected something good – North Haven Oysters always are and Zeb Campbell had just collected these plump beauties from their cold brackish habitat. With pond water trailing from the swaying purple net bag, I bike home, flying across the mustard moss-clad Second Bridge inches above the harbor to a husband who shucks them. After the last pried half-shell clanks to the bottom of the metal sink, he mixes up something so fresh and sparkling my facial skin swells breathing it all in. Bright green cilantro with a gentle jalapeno bite accentuated by garlic-lemon tops the delicate meats. Easily executed, this creation is so kind to the tongue one oyster is an exquisite treat, while a dozen a deserved indulgence. Enjoy!

Oysters with Cilantro by Ellard Taylor, St Paddy's Day, Pulpit Harbor Kitchen --Photo by Kate Hotchkiss Taylor

3 small spring onions—chop all the white and about 1/3 of the green
½ of a medium jalapeño finely chopped
3 or 4 sprigs of cilantro leaves chopped
Juice from ½ a lemon
Dash of salt
Dash of garlic powder
Mix and add a pinch to the top of each shucked oyster--just enough for about a dozen.

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